Turnkey Beverage Processing

A decade of expertise backed by superior world class technology enables HRS to provide Turnkey Beverage Processing Line for pulp and beverage from design, engineering, manufacture, supply and installation of complete plant.

HRS designed Sugar syrup preparation section includes insulated sugar dissolving tank with sugar dumping chute, shell and tube heat exchanger for heating water and a jet mixing system to dissolve sugar into the hot water. The Sugar syrup is filtered through a plate

and frame filter press, cooled and stored in holding tank. In the Beverage blending section, fruit pulp, flavours, sugar syrup and other ingredients are blended together and homogenized, and transferred to Ready Beverage tanks for storage. The ready juice is processed in HRS pasteurisers manufactured with energy efficient ECOFLUX* tubular heat exchangers.

An integrated fruit based beverage processing line with multiple sections includes:

  • Sugar syrup preparation section,
  • Beverage Blending/Preparation Systems,
  • Homogenizer & Sterilization Systems
  • CIP Systems & Process Piping

HRS Turnkey Beverage Processing Line successfully commissioned

HRS Process Systems Ltd. (HRS PSL), a part of the UK based HRS Group, successfully commissioned their turnkey beverage processing line .The turnkey project involved design, engineering, manufacture, supply and installation of complete beverage processing plant for Tulya Food Product Private Limited at their factory in Trichy, Tamilnadu, India.

The plant is designed for preparation and processing of 3000 LPH fruit juices and fruit based ready to serve beverages. The system includes batch type sugar syrup preparation plant, pulp dumping system, batch type beverage blending system, ready beverage tanks, continuous tubular pasteurizer,prednisone no prescription semi automatic CIP system with flow panels, instrument and power control panels for each section and interconnecting pipelines.

If you have any queries and need further help/information, kindly write to us on info@hrsasia.co.in or call +91 020 66047894/95.

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