HRS PSL is proud to successfully commission its Aseptic Juice Pasteuriser at Parle Agro. The Pasteuriser for Tetra Brik® Filling has been integrated with Tetra Pak aseptic filler to fill fruit based drinks in Tetra Brik® at 3000 LPH.

The thermal processing unit of the pasteuriser is incorporated with hygienic ECOFLUX* heat exchanger modules for heating, cooling and regeneration of product; and tube bundle for holding at sterilisation temperature for predetermined time to achieve microbial destruction. The pasteuriser has been designed to maintain constant pressure at the

filler inlet to ensure accurate filling.

The PLC is programmed to perform pre-sterilization of system at 121.1°C followed by subsequent production cycles. The aseptic juice pasteuriser is integrated with the independent CIP system with automatic chemical dosing and programmed to execute sequential CIP cyles in selected intervals.


  • Compact size, aesthetic design and low floor space requirement
  • Prolonged production cycles due to self cleaning nature of corrugated tubes
  • Close approach temperature that retains the natural product flavor and nutrients
  • Steady product temperature control within ± 0.5°C
  • Precise flow control maintains constant holding time throughout production
  • Indirect heating by low temperature hot water
  • Energy recovery upto 50% depending upon filling temperature in PET bottling/Aseptic packaging
  • Heat enclosure to prevent radiation heat loss
  • Positive pressure on product side to prevent contamination of beverage in case it leaks
  • Completely avoids manual interventions on fully automated systems
  • Very low product losses due to precisely programmed product startup and end up sequences
  • Faster and efficient cleaning due to forward and reverse CIP cycles
  • Low water consumption due to precisely automated CIP

Key Components

  • ECOFLUX* corrugated shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Material of Construction in SS316, SS316L, SMO254, SAF2205, AL6XN, Titanium
  • Sanitary centrifugal pumps
  • Sanitary lobe pumps
  • Imported sanitary pneumatic actuated valves
  • Imported instruments and sensors for flow and pressure, temperature and conductivity measurement
  • PLC based control panel with touch screen HMI
  • SCADA for centralized control

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