HRS PSL has supplied ECOFLUX* hygienic heat exchanger based pasteuriser to PepsiCo India for processing isotonic drinks upto a capacity 20000 LPH. The heat exchangers have been constructed of Titanium tubes and are corrugated for increased product turbulence and uniform thermal processing.

The selection of such exotic alloy provides high corrosive resistance for salt based beverages. HRS is proficient in working with exotic alloys like Titanium, AL-6XN and other austenitic material like duplex stainless steel for use in processing of energy drinks.

Indirect cooling setup has been provided in the cooling section of the pasteuriser to isolate the primary utility from the heat exchangers which may otherwise result in shell side fouling due to cooling tower water.

With PLC based automation and SCADA remote workstation, the system boasts minimum operator intervention and ensures continuous process monitoring and data logging.

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